Wave 3 News – New Louisville baseball league designed for kids with disabilities

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Around 10,000 children in the Louisville area aren’t able to play baseball according to estimate, but a brand new league is fixing that.

It called Miracle League, and it’s designed for kids with disabilities.

James Breeding is a Vice President with the Louisville Bats and on the board of the group bringing Miracle League to Louisville.

“There are 276 cities with them across the United States,” Breeding said. “Louisville is actually the largest city without a Miracle League.”

He said it’s long overdue and has already gotten major backing including the leadership of University of Louisville baseball coach Dan McDonnell.

“It’s not just a baseball project,” Breeding said. “It’s a quality of life project.”

Breeding has worked with others for more than two years to help ironing out a location and the logistics behind operating the league. It’s now planned to replace one of the multiple fields at Fern Creek Park.



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The field will have a rubberized surface for wheelchair accessibility — and a splash pad and playground.

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