The Miracle League of Louisville is a baseball league and complex for children with physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disabilities. This one-of-a-kind, fully-inclusive complex allows children of all abilities to safely play baseball in an organized league. Our Miracle League field features a specially designed, rubberized surface designed to prevent injuries and accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and other devices. It also allows sufficient cushioning to aid in injury prevention should a player fall. The field and dugouts are barrier-free and completely flat. The adjacent playground has brought children, families and the community to the Miracle League for a common goal…to play together. A splash-pad will be a part of the Miracle League complex (pending additional funding) and will add an additional way that children, families and the community will be able to play together. 

There are currently 325 other United States Miracle Leagues

United States Miracle Leagues make it possible for 250,000+ children with physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities to play baseball. We have brought the same opportunities to families in Louisville so wheelchairs, walkers, safety concerns, physical and cognitive challenges will no longer keep them from playing a game that we all love.

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Without your support for the Miracle League and the dream of a Miracle League Field would not be possible. Not only do we say thank you but we ask that everyone support each sponsor and let them know you appreciate their efforts and commitment to the Miracle League.

United States Miracle Leagues

Children with physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities

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$35,027....WOW!  What an amazing day August 8 was for the Miracle League of Louisville family as we partnered with WAVE 3 to raise awareness and funds for the league.  Thank you to WAVE 3, Northeast Christian Church and...

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