Miracle Leagues in the U.S.

In 1998, Atlanta’s Rockdale Youth Baseball Association invited the first child with a disability to play baseball. The next year, the league began with 35 children with disabilities who were invited to play baseball on a typical field within a baseball complex.The main concern was the playing surface, presenting potential safety hazards for players using wheelchairs or walkers. In that first season, league organizers learned that over 75,000 children in Metro Atlanta had disabilities limiting their ability to participate in team sports. More than playing baseball, the Miracle League is about making new friends, building self-esteem and being treated just like other athletes. League play serves children who are excluded or limited, whether intentionally or not, from conventional baseball leagues and most other types of team sports.

Miracle Leagues around the country proclaim the many benefits experienced by the children and others who volunteer to assist these special athletes in play, but especially the kids helping other kids. League play not only “normalizes” the children with disabilities in the eyes of their peers, but helps their volunteer “buddies” to develop compassion and the ability to relate to new friends with special needs.

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One of the most important aspects of our Miracle League is the “Buddy” system, which pairs each player with a volunteer helper. Buddies can be fellow schoolmates, parents, college or high school students, athletes, business leaders, or any individual or group (12 years and older) who wishes to volunteer their time to give a child the gift of baseball.

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time on the field helping a player maximize the joy of their experience.

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